25 Reasons to Use Handmade Soap?

1. Customer Focused

We small soap companies put real emphasis and focus on our customers. That means we really do work relentlessly to ensure that all our customers are happy with their purchases. We spend a lot of time researching the challenges you face with your skin or choice of soap available to you. We just want to help you with that challenge. It also does mean if you do need to get into contact us there isn’t that boring hold music but rather an actual human at the other end of the line.

2. Vegan Friendly

Handmade soap companies such as ourselves understand that you, our beloved customers have different preferences when it comes to soap and that a lot of you want to purchase vegan-friendly products only. You may find therefore that a lot of handmade soap company are vegan-friendly, we sure are!

3. Palm Oil Free Soaps

We only produce palm oil free soaps. The production of palm oil has been associated with child labour and we simply are against exploitation of children. The reason for us not using palm oil is more of an ethical reason than anything else.

4. Looking after our Furry Friends

Ok, not all animals are furry. But the point is, we do not test any of our products on animals. Surely, I don’t need to explain why?

5. Looks Better than Other Soaps

Seems like an obvious one. But handmade soaps are designed to look interesting and exciting. We’re not exactly trying add to the list of companies that make boring, cream coloured soaps, stamp on their company logo and call it a day. We truly spend time creating new designs that you would love.

6. Rich in Glycerin

Glycerin is naturally produced during the soap making process. Glycerin is wonderful ingredient that is great at locking in moisture and keeping your skin hydrated. We don't remove the gylcerin from our soap and you may find that a lot of handmade companies also leave it in.

7. Plenty of Choices

With handmade soap you have plenty of choices. You can choose from an array of colours, designs, shapes and fragrances. Even if you were to search for a blue, heart-shaped, watermelon fragranced soap , it might just exist! The choice is endless.

8. Perfect Handmade Gifts

We all know there is that extra little umph behind a handmade gift. Handmade soaps use quality ingredients which are great for the skin and they look amazing. They absolutely make for great gifts!

9. Easy Addition to Your Skincare Routine

Skincare routines can be quite challenging, especially when they require some significant change or time commitment. Swapping out your existing cleanser to a handmade soap that is rich in vitamins and nutrients that make for great skin food is an easy change that you can make to your skincare routine. Virtually costs no extra time or effort. That’s the kind of commitment I’m willing to make!

Now, we're not claiming that all handmade soap is great for your skin. But what we are saying is, hey, have a look around you might be pleasantly surprised.

10. Supporting Small Businesses

Gives you that warm fuzzy feeling knowing that you are supporting a small business. Not something you can buy from a big commercial business!

11. No Preservatives

Handmade soaps often do not contain any preservatives.

12. Lower Environmental Impact

There is little production waste if any at all. Any excess soaps and ruined designs can be used around at home. Less wastage equals less waste in our landfill sites. You might even be surprised to learn that soap bars are actually more environmentally than liquid soap .

13. Can Be More Moisturising

Handmade soaps can be more moisturising than some soaps you may pick up for a supermarket shelf. It's all about the ingredients and you might be pleasantly surprised when you read about some of the ingredients that are in handmade soap.

14. Limited Edition and Seasonal Soap

Ever seen a Christmas or Valentines soap at your local supermarket? Companies making handmade soap have the capacity to create specific designs to celebrate different events and festivals.

15. Bathroom Décor

The unique and stylish designs of handmade soap can lend itself to being actual décor for your bathroom. Compare a boring creamy coloured soap to a stylish, handcrafted soap. No competition.

16. Better Fragrances

A lot of commercial soap smells of nothingness or something quite unfamiliar. Homemade soap often uses fragrances and natural oils allowing the soaps to smell of anything from sweet oranges to cedarwood.

17. Can Be Fragrance Free

Some people prefer soaps without fragrance and that’s perfectly normal. Handmade soap companies (certainly us) are quite happy to take requests to a make fragrance free soap whilst ensuring that the soap itself looks exactly like all the other stylish and colourful soaps.

18. We Want Your Say

Handmade soap companies often have a personal involvement in social media platforms. This gives you a great opportunity to have your say whether that be suggestions, request or comments , we’re all ears.

19. Soaps for Kids

We realise teaching children the importance of washing hands can be quite challenging. We make soap that are tailored towards children . They come in bright colours and is intriguing shapes such as in the shape of a rainbow.

20. Various Collections

Handmade soap companies often offer various collections. This means that if you want to purchase vegan soaps heart-shaped soaps, , soaps designed for men or simply plain and simple soaps, you are not restricted to only one soap. For whatever type of soap, you can choose from an array of shapes, colours, designs and fragrances. There is no need to stick to the same boring soap just because only one specific soap in the supermarket is right for you.

21. Passion for Soap Making

Soap making is not a typical 9-5 job for us where we start the day already wishing for the day to end. We really do enjoy experimenting with new designs and patterns in order to create the best soap for you. Question is really, would you prefer a chef that is making you food simply because they have to or a chef who takes real care and pride in the food they make? We’re that second kind of chef!

22. Choose Your Vitamins and Nutrients

Soaps can be made from various ingredients. Each of these ingredients carry their own nourishing characteristics. Different handmade soap companies may choose to use varying amount of these ingredients and often may even share with you what they use and how much of it. There are many companies to pick from and so you may find that you can be very specific about the vitamins and nutrients you want to get from your soaps.

23. Zero Wastage

A lot of handmade soap companies are small businesses. Small business often works with honest, family values. Growing up, I always learnt not to waste anything. Where a larger company may produce waste during product, chances are they may choose to discard that waste. Not us. Soaps that do not pass our own audits or just scraps lefts over after making a batch of soap, are merged together and go straight into our bathroom (well, actually storage there is already plenty of soap out in the bathroom).

24. It Actually Cleans

This might seem obvious, but it is definitely worth mentioning. Some of the concerns around handmade products in general can be around its quality and whether or not it works as intended. Handmade soap does what it says on the tin... er package and actually does clean.

25. Every Day Luxury

Sure, you can use some plain and boring soaps in the shower or bath. Or, you can treat yourself to a handmade soap, that looks great, smells amazing and feels fantastic! Whether you sing out loud in the shower, or silently relax in a bathtub, a luxurious experience is for everyone.

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