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Latest Handmade Soaps

Explore our newest and latest designs. These luxurious, handmade soaps are all 100% vegan and are rich in natural gylcerin. Our handmade soaps are scented with amazing fragrances so indulge in our vegan soaps that will spruce up your bathroom and smell great with every wash.

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Treat Yourself to a Bath Bomb

Indulge in our handcrafted bath bombs that will spin, fizz and colour to your bath. Relax and enjoy our quality bath bombs perfect for treating yourself or gifting someone special.

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Our Heart Collection

Discover our heart collections soaps. You won't find any ordinary soap here, all of these soaps revolve around hearts. These soaps are perfect for gifts. Whether it is pink soap bar for your girlfriend on Valentine's Day, a decorated soap bar for your mum on Mother's Day or any Christmas gift for your significant other, we've got the right soap for you!

Heart Collection
Small collection of heart shaped soaps
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Men's Soaps Collection

Introducing a soap collection for men. These soap bars are rich in vitamin E and other healthy nutrients.

These soaps are scented to leave behind a bold yet subtly macho fragrance which we believe would be suited to the taste of our male customers.

Men's Collection
Stack of plain soaps of different colours.

Plain & Simple Soaps

Sometimes simplicity is the key. Our plain and simple soaps collection are made with a single colour stamped with Bluish Pink logo.

Sometimes, all you want a simple soap that smells great and that's exactly what you will get from this collection of soap.

Plain and Simple

Customer Reviews

Red Watermelon Soap Bar

Has an appealing look that makes it stand out and the smell is quite pleasing. I would buy it again.

- Humayun

Purple Fruity Cocktail Soap Bar

I don't know if I've made it very clear but I love the colour of this bar of soap. Hydrates your skin beautifully and as an added touch the fragrance is very akin to an actual purple rain cocktail! Really what's not to love about this? Buy. BUY NOW.

- Shaikhul

Yellow Fruit Salad Soap Bar

The soaps smell really really good and they dont dry my skin! Definately will be buying more!

- Baldish

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Our Ethics

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Handmade Cosmetics in the UK

Handmade Cosmetics in the UK

All our products are handmade. Our handmade soap for example may even proof to be softer, smoother and healthier than store bought soap. Now isn't that the kind of treatment your body deserves?

100% Vegan Cosmetics

100% Vegan Cosmetics

We are proud to say that we are 100% vegan. You can be sure that all our cosmetic products are vegan friendly with zero reliance on animal products.

Palm oil
Palm Oil Free

Palm Oil Free Cosmetics

The production of palm oil has been associated with child labour and as a cosmetics company where we promote good health and well-being, this goes against our ethos. Where the use of palm oil may be beneficial for skincare, we have taken a firm stance and decision in ensuring that all our products are palm oil free. Instead, we use other ingredients to provide essential vitamins and nutrients for the skin to absorb.

Cruelty Free
Cruelty Free

Cruelty Free Cosmetics

Our cosmetics are not tested on animals. We love our furry friends and so treating animals with respect and being cruelty free is really important to us!

Giving charity
Giving Charity

Supporting Charities

Humbled and inspired by businesses that contribute to the community and general society, we wanted to also be part of the group of companies that support our society. We, therefore, contribute a portion of our profits to charity each month. And you get to decide which charity we'll donate to each month .

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