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23rd November 2021

Let’s discover the importance of good skincare and how that is comparable to good car maintenance. How do old, classic cars age well, and what has that good to do with good car maintenance? Find out!


Collection of hands with a heart in the middle.

12th April 2021

Do you want to have that warm fuzzy feeling from helping a small business? Well of course you do! Learn how you can support this small business.


Lilis handmade coasters

28th March 2021

Our first every attempt at a poem based on being tired after work.

Lilis handmade coasters

10th March 2021

I talk about my journey of starting Bluish Pink during the COVID pandemic and how I manage running a business whilst taking care of my 6-year-old angel.


Collection of Handmade Soap

10th February 2021

So, we have been relatively inactive in social media for a couple of weeks now. Seems like we have some explaining to do!



Collection of Handmade Soap

23rd November 2020

We investigate if all soaps are antibacterial and if there is real reason to buy or to avoid antibacterial soap over regular soap.

Collection of Handmade Soap

13th November 2020

Are you nervous about using handmade products? What of buying handmade soap when there are other cheaper alternatives? Let’s help you find out.

Girl holding out plant in soil

4th November 2020

With so many cosmetic products available it is easy to get lost in the world of lotions and potions. We explore the differences between soap, shower gel and body wash and discuss what is best for your skin.


Girl holding out plant in soil

21th October 2020

To meet high demands and standards, companies wasting products is not unheard off. Learn a bit about our ethos and how we at Bluish Pink handle our wastage.


14th October 2020

Given the current worldwide situation with the coronavirus pandemic, it is important that we work together to protect ourselves and those who are around us. To help you in order to do so, we explore how effective soaps are at killing coronavirus.

Field with plants and wind turbine

5th October 2020

The importance of being environmentally friendly is becoming more and more apparent as time goes on. Recycling and turning off electrical appliances are just two ways we can be more eco-friendly. But, what about the products we use? Specifically, are bar soaps more eco-friendly than liquid soaps?