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Where Have We Been Hiding?

You've probably been wondering why we've been so quiet over the last couple of weeks? From posting almost every other day to suddenly ka'poot, nothing, nada. You've probably been growing anxious if you'll ever hear from us again. Ok, that probably an overly hopeful fantasy of ours where we believe you might actually anxiously look forward to our social posts and blogs. One day perhaps. But for now, I think we have a little explaining to do.

You see our company structure is simple, there are literally just two of us. One of us is great at innovating and product development. She manages the production side of the business. And there's the other person who handles all the tech (ahem… sneaky plugin to our site Bluish Pink seems appropriate right about now), and that would be me. Oh, and I left out our names on purpose. Maybe we'll formally introduce ourselves in another blog – and that's your queue to be anxious and patiently wait for that release.

For those who made it past paragraph 2, good job! Here is a little video as a treat. It'll all make sense soon enough, just like a well-written story that makes no sense to start off with and by the end, it leave you thinking oooh, that was some smart storytelling!

Enough Faff, Where Have We Actually Been?

Right, you remember how I was telling you how person A (yup, still not giving away the names), comes up with really fantastic ideas, and person B (that's me) manages the tech. Well, the really observant ones amongst you would have realised that there's so much more to a business. There is of course marketing, being social online, legal work, and not to mention the dreaded (at least for us) accounting.

Being a small business, it does mean that we manage all of this ourselves. Sure, we can pay people to do it, but we have an agreement that we'll try to do something ourselves, and if there are far too many tears, then we'll outsource it. At least that's the plan until the business starts to grow further. And as we both have otherworldly commitments, we tend to wear many hats. This means that at times I assume the role of Head Technical Accountant and at times person A assumes the role of Director of Legal, Innovation and Telling Others What to Do.

Being the innovative person that Person A is, she proposed that we start to produce and sell fairy dust Great idea I know! But as our website at the time hand not been built to support different types of products as at the time, we were only selling handmade soap, it was my job to develop the site further to allow fairy dust and any other product ranges to be supported.

This meant that most of my time was occupied in web development. Similarly, Person A was busy with product development, and in addition to her existing responsibilities, she had taken on a new role – The Teacher. Due to schools being closed in the UK due to the coronavirus pandemic, Person A had to help her little one keep on top of school work. This meant that we were both heavily occupied with both growing the business and managing our own commitments. As such, our social presence took a bit of a hit.

How Are Things Looking Now?

Now, I am really pleased to announce that we've deployed the latest changes to our site. this is the part where the video from earlier on starts to make sense. Aside from all the little cool features, we've introduced our new range of products - fairy dust. I tested them myself in my bathtub and the colours they produce are amazing. Honestly, take a look by click on some of the pictures below and check the colours they produce. They look great and smell amazing!

Bubble Gum Fairy Dust - Blue packaged Fruit Salad Fairy Dust - Green packaged Red Berries Fairy Dust Pink packaged

Now that we have some time back, we are considering making some slow-motion videos of us sprinkling the fairy dust into the bathtub and really capturing the little eruptions of colours. But more importantly for you, we'll both be jumping back onto that social media bandwagon! That means, that assuming we manage to pull off the slow-motion videos, we'll have some really exciting content coming soon! Either way, we'll definitely have new pictures and other post for you whether nor not we manage to pull off the slow-motion videos.

Anything to Look Forward To?

Naturally, person A has come up with yet another idea. "Time to explorer the world of bath bombs" she said. Right now, we're just experimenting with different designs and styles and soon we will be introducing bath bombs onto our site as well. That is definitely something to look out for!

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