Collection of single coloured soaps

Gift Sets

You must be here because you’re trying to find a stylish gift for your friend or loved one to show that you think they’re special and they should have all the best things in the world, right? Perfect! You’re in the right place!

We have a collection of handmade, gift sets ready to be delivered. All we need from you is a special gift message to add that finishing touch to your thoughtful gift!

Image of Two Bath Bombs Two Soaps
Two Bath Bombs Two Soaps

So many options, not sure what to pick? This gift set contains two bath bombs and two soaps. When in doubt, get two of each!


Image of Two Loofah Two Circle Soaps
Two Loofah Two Circle Soaps

A gift set for those who enjoy a really good scrub. Contains two loofah soaps and two of our popular circle, floral soaps.


Image of Three Bath Bombs One Soap
Three Bath Bombs One Soap

Your ideal gift set for when you want to get a present that will bring immediate joy and will continue to bring smiles for much longer.


Image of Four Bath Bombs
Four Bath Bombs

What’s better than getting someone just a bath bomb? Getting something four bath bombs as part of a beautiful gift set!