Ford Mustang Classic Car

Proper Skincare is Like Proper Care Maintenance

Ever seen a happy fella driving past you in a really, old classic car? You know the type of car I’m talking about, the sort of cars from the day before your parents made you. The sort that can turn heads. What goes through your mind after seeing these cars? Is it, I wonder how much that’s worth? Or is it, I don’t get it, why not just get a more modern car? Or like me, did you wonder, how on earth is that thing still running?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, today we’re going to become that old, classic car! Metaphorically speaking of course (no one’s going to ask you to drink fuel!). So, how does did that car age so well and how is it still working and most importantly, what has this got to do with skincare?

Let’s start with the car. A quick Google search will bring you endless results on how to maintain your classic car and the importance of doing so. I’ll be honest, I am really impressed when I still see these cars running and admire those who have the patience to keep their cars running smoothly. Maintaining a classic car is not easy. From regularly checking the fluids, to cleaning after each drive, there is a lot to do! And clearly, the work is worth it!

But in my not-so-humble opinion, do you know what I think is more important? Your skin! With our busy lives and with all the other things we’d much rather get on with, it is really easy to forget about our skin. Our skin is that awesome, protective layer that helps to protect our body against bacteria. It is such a core part of our body that it makes up about 15% of our body weight! Let’s do the math, if you weigh 80kg, then 12kg is roughly the weight of your skin. That’s a lot of skin!

And so, today I’m going to drive home (pun intended) the importance of proper skincare and show you how it’s just like proper car maintenance. But before that, let’s explore why skincare is something you should care about.

Five Reasons Why Skincare Important?

By now, it should be pretty clear that skincare is important and it is something worth focusing time and energy on. It can be boring, and it can be tedious, but it can be a great investment of your time.

One of the biggest tells of age is skin. Skin starts to wrinkle. As we get older, it just doesn’t look as great as it did back during the good ol’ days. No doubt you have seen all the advertisements on the internet and on the TV about how the latest lotions and potions can shave 10 years of your age. Do they work? Who knows! But, isn’t prevention better than correction? Of course, it is! So, rather than focusing on dealing with our skin after the fact, let’s worry about how to maintain our skin today!

How is Proper Skincare Like Car Maintenance?

Let’s go back to the classic cars. After so many years, the reason these cars look great and run smoothly is because of the amount of time and dedication the owners have given those cars. Without the proper maintenance, would the cars operate the same way? Highly unlikely. Our skin is the same.

Without proper skincare, our skin can start to deteriorate. We may start to notice wrinkles, dry skin, blemishes amongst other issues. Sadly, this for some can lead to poor self-esteem and a drop in confidence.

This is exactly what we can notice in a car that has not been looked after. Neglected cars overtime don’t work as they should. We begin to notice odd things wrong with it, we notice that it does not look as good as it once did. And for some, this means that we’re parking our cars a little further away so no one notices us step outside.

All unpleasant thoughts sure, but the great news is we have a way to tackle this. This of course is by adopting good skincare habits (bet everyone saw that coming). Not everyone’s skin is the same. We are all beautiful in our way, and so is our skin. I hope I have been able to at least show you the importance of skincare and have been able to encourage you to research your own skin to devise the skincare routine for you!

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