Tired woman

Tired After Work?

Grumpy, and slow, I stumble in through the door,

I was supposed to finish early, and get home by four,

At least it’s Friday, and the long week is finally over,

I drop my bag, and think, oh please let this weekend last forever.

Ring ring, I turn to my phone, it’s Mr Malone,

It’s after work man! Just leave me alone!

I swipe left, and turn off the tone,

I’m far too tired to hear you moan.

My stomach rumbles, it’s time to get some food,

Expired a week ago, bah I’m sure it’s still good,

Don’t judge me, I would cook if I could,

It’s been a long week, I’m just not in the mood.

Whilst eating I think about my day,

Seriously, is all the work I do even worth the pay?

I think this week has taken all my joy away,

I better do something, to fix that wouldn’t you say?

Should I call maa,

Or see what’s on the TV?

Both good options, but nah,

It’s time to do something for me.

I sit and ponder, “what can I do?” I think,

I know, there’s always those bath bombs I bought from Bluish Pink!

Orange or green, pink or blue,

Which one should I use? I have no clue.

The green bomb bath smells of fruit salad,

And the blue one, bubble gum,

I love how they make my bathwater coloured,

And smell so yum!

I choose the orange bath bomb. Yes, this will be the one,

This one is scented with coco and peaches,

I place it in the water, my joy has just begun,

I’m about to get drunk, on the fragrance it releases.

I watch as the bath bomb fizzes, foams and spins,

Whilst gently filling my bathtub with the orange colour,

This is the moment where my weekend truly begins,

And the troubles of my week start to feel smaller.

The bath bomb has dissolved,

And the water sits still,

My issues now feel resolved,

And now, it’s time for me to relax and chill.

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