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Will You Help Us?

Bluish Pink is run by two good friends and we have great synergy. Between the two of us, we understand the struggles of London traffic during rush hour, how to make a smashing Thai Green Curry and how to correctly make a cup of tea (seriously, who puts in milk before the water?). Though we clearly have an intricate understanding of the world around us, we struggle to get grips with the virtual world, particularly marketing.

Recently, we got in touch with a company to help us with our marketing efforts and what they explained made perfect sense. Build awareness, nurture that interest, get them to desire your products, and boom you’ve got yourself a sale. We’re sold, well almost. Call us crazy but something about a 6-month contract made us realise, we’re not ready for that kind of commitment yet especially considering how much money they wanted. After all, we live in the age of information where almost everything is a YouTube video away so it only makes sense that we give it a shot ourselves first right?

In terms of where we are in our marketing journey, we are in the awareness phase. This means we use social media to get ourselves out there. But somehow, I feel that won’t be enough. And so, this is where we ask for your help and input. I have been researching myself about what exactly we need to do to build awareness. Make compelling content that grabs attention and milk it in social media they say. Easier said than done, especially the compelling content part!

This is where I ask for your help! Share our page, visit our page and tell us what you would like us to do differently. Have some fresh idea or some criticism? We want to know! I would like to get everyone involved in our journey so I would love for you to sign up first and message us using our messaging tool. If we do make it, we do want to thank those of you who have helped us and so by signing up and messaging us we can keep in contact and show you our gratitude in the future. Even if you don’t have any suggestions but are happy to support us by sharing our page, please do sign up and drop us a message. We want to thank each and every one of you.

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