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Blue Twinkly Heart



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Our Blue Twinkly Heart soap is made into a solid, opaque layer with a semi-transparent layer resting on top. This handmade soap contains natural glycerin and is 100% vegan.\nWhat make this a unique soap is its design. Express your love with a uniquely, hearty designed soap that smells great!


Length 6.5cm

Width 2.5cm

Height 6.5cm

Weight 100g


Violet Sparkle:

Sweet Raspberry, Fruity Sherbet, Vanilla, Caramel, and Subtle woody notes


Glycerin (25-50%), Aqua (10-25%), Sodium Stearate (10-25%), Sorbitol (5-10%), Sodium Laurate (5-10%), Propylene Glycol (5-10%), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (5-10%), Sodium Chloride (1-5%), Disodium LaurylSulfosuccinate (1-5%), Parfum (1-3%), Colouring Agent (<1%), Stearic Acid (0.1-0.5%), Lauric Acid (0.1-0.5%), Pentasodium Pentetate (<0.1%), Tetrasodium Etidronate (<0.1%)


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